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Corporate Work

We have a long history of making custom work, so if you would like more information or an info pack feel free to reach out.

Please find below some of our previous narratives and experiences. As is the nature of Immersive work, each one is still customisable and unique to you.

Corporate Work: About Us

Arbiters Of Change


£40 per ticket

 'You have powers don't you remember? When you aren't trapped in this simulation you were actually a pretty big deal'

Immersive theatre meets escape room,  'Arbiters of Change' is a  unique customisable experience. If you imagine an ordinary escape room situation but every puzzle, artifact and storyline has YOU woven through it. Including custom assets, talented actors and Mentalism, The Arbiters Of Change is a  fantasy adventure that will immerse you in a different world and show you skills you never realised you had.

 The only issue is selecting the time and date with us because this is only made when you ask it to be, from the ground up. 

(Please be aware the time is in UK time, however we can be contacted to perform at different times, just email ) This is to pay for a deposit for a performance. From here we will email you with details to customize the experience and give you a pay-link to pay for the other players.

Corporate Work: About

Hostage Negotiator 

A phone call has never been so scary!

A follow-up from our Artistic Directors' Masters dissertation piece. It took four months to research this experience, which uses actual hostage negotiation techniques.

You are invited to meet with 'Flo Solutions,' a private hostage negotiation company who trains the best.

But during training a call comes in and it is up to you and your team to save lives.

With a Hollywood level of threat and with real- world transferable skills, this is a show like you've never participated in before. For more details and the best way for this to work for your team please - reach out

Corporate Work: About Us
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