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Past Productions

We’re proud of every single production we put on, which is why we keep a gallery to showcase all previous events. Did you love a performance? Now, you can relive it. Did you miss a show that you wish you could have seen? Check it out here to get up to speed. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.


Love-an immersive experience

Performed days leading up to and on Valentines day. Love-an immersive experience was a three course meal and a one on one immersive theatre show. Food was eaten,drinks were shared and the notion of love itself was explored.

Untitled 5/customs

Commissioned for the Graffiti International Theatre Festival. Untitled 5/custom explores the humanity behind the Porn industry and how because of pirating they lost all their money to tech giants and have to turn to 'customs' a bizarre world of odd and unique video requests. 'No-one cares about pirating music, they sure as hell don't care about us'

Sonic Survivors

Set on a mental health ward, Alex listens to music 24/7 to cope with his anxiety/depression. When his best friend is about to get out and the entrance of Rebecca and someone they call 'Mr Big' who is here to change the ward around, but for the better? Sonic Survivors explores what is normal? Love? and sanity? With stylised moments to music. If all else fails-it had a kick ass soundtrack.

Screenshot 2023-11-21 at 16.42.18.png

The Vampire Ball-A Mavros Detective Agency Case

At the peak of Halloween. Audiences were recruited by Mavros to infiltrate and go undercover at a Vampire Ball and through a guided app and their own courage, talk to a series of in-person vampires and work out the mystery. While living out their best Vampire fantasy.

Mind Control Disco

THE FIRST OF IT'S KIND. participatory audio adventure where the guests of OM.N.I. listen to synchronized secret instructions while listening to epic banging tunes. A night out like you've never had before. All tickets gets you into the event plus secret PRE and Post show content. WE CAN MAKE A CUSTOM ONE JUST FOR YOU

Tyranny Rolls

 Online experience over 4 days, inspired by internet mysteries and ARG'S to find an interesting middle-ground between internet culture and live theatre. This particular show was inspired  'cancel culture' that’s permeating the modern political scene. In my words, they have worked incredibly hard to put together this very impressive and quite complicated package.

Find the time, dust down the laptop and headphones and… immerse yourselves!

Ian Hamilton (reviewer)

Past Productions: Past Events
Mavros logo.PNG

The Affinity Initiative

Can we still find 'that spark' digitally? The D8R collective brings their revolutionary socialisation system originally to Buxton Fringe. Could you be a beta tester? With elements of 1-1 immersive performance and real-time interaction, But Why? presents The award-winning, The Affinity Initiative

The Alpha Initiative

Created in conjunction with Martin House Children's Hospice due to the pandemic, it faced a £1.7m shortfall in three months of the lockdown. With a month turn around to create the story, concept art, videos, puzzles and websites. We created ‘The Alpha Initiative’ an online month- long experience where you as a player became a superhero and worked with others across the world to solve puzzles, defeat villains and save the day. Making it child friendly yet still exploring deeper concepts.  All to raise money for Martin House Children’s Hospice.

Mavros Paranormal Detective Agency

Created for Burning Man festival. The Mavros Paranormal Detective Agency was a four day long, four hours per day. Immersive theatre adventure. Performed and interacted with from all over the world. This was one of But Why?'s most technically difficult and enduring pieces.

Past Productions: Past Events


These are short and snappy 15 to 20-minute pieces of immersive work. Sometimes to explore a concept, sometimes so you can do it ina lunch break. These are a taster of what But Why? Can do.

Are You With Us?

We go on holidays, go for drinks and adventures to get the most out of life. But there is always thoughts pulling you away. 'Are you with us?' That's the question asked to you as you come to experiment with the notion of the here and now with this But Why? Psychological experiment.

Corporate and Custom

From personalised Immersive shows, creating digital immersive advertising campaigns to incorporating our work to entice customers. But Why? Has always been available to create 100 percent custom made work for clients. For more details and an information pack please don't hesitate to contact us

Past Productions: Past Events
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