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This section is for live ( online or otherwise) shows with their run on now!

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The Spooky Snackbox


£30 Our longest running and most bought by our audience.

In collaboration with Mr Vegan CAKES Three Vegan Bakes- Three horrifying stories. Delivered to your door then...well find out 

Three Vegan Bakes, beautifully hand- made and delivered. Three stories/immersive adventures attached to them, twisted and horrific.  This buys you the cakes...and the adventure (please bear in mind this is a UK exclusive event). Warning these stories explore dark concepts, supernatural, mind control, religious practices, and the paranormal. This is not for anyone under the age of 15. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. 

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We break our work into different types. This is Self-Workers. Which you can play anywhere/anytime. Varying from audio adventures to trying to solve mysteries. 

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Call To Adventure


£13 (student available)

Join the Cerebral Court Of Knights take you on a physical and mental journey.

Award-Winning But Why? Presents Call To Adventure, an audio Immersive experience. For those who need to get out of their house and their head. It will take you on a walk but to a greater extent AN ADVENTURE. Join The Cerebral Court of Knights, as they take you on an exploration  around where you live and within your own mind. Let's explore...

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I'm Lost


a queer story.
Can you find someone's true self, searching around their phone? computer? A One Player,anytime anywhere exploration of Identity

What has happened to Louise? Runaway? Disappeared? A Cult? Search through her phone and try to break into her eternal hard drive and find out. This show explores relationships and identity. Taken from real text messages, showing real queer issues. What is real and what is the show?

Screenshot 2023-11-21 at 16.10.12.png
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These shows...Have show times. Keep checking back to see our livest work.

These are our shows which happen at certain times. So book below and prepare to be immersed.

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Arbiters Of Change


£40 per ticket

 'You have powers don't you remember? When you aren't trapped in this simulation you were actually a pretty big deal'

Immersive theatre meets escape room,  'Arbiters of Change' is a  unique customisable experience. If you imagine an ordinary escape room situation but every puzzle, artifact and storyline has YOU woven through it. Including custom assets, talented actors and Mentalism, The Arbiters Of Change is a  fantasy adventure that will immerse you in a different world and show you skills you never realised you had.

 The only issue is selecting the time and date with us because this is only made when you ask it to be, from the ground up. 

(Please be aware the time is in UK time, however we can be contacted to perform at different times, just email ) This is to pay for a deposit for a performance. From here we will email you with details to customize the experience and give you a pay-link to pay for the other players.

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But Why? Merch

You asked and we delivered

Three custom-made comic book and manga style designs for all lovers of adventure, Immersion, cyberpunk, steampunk or just bad-ass..ness. Click below for your choice of wearable art.

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